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Crystal infused Paintings

Enjoy the beauty and sparkle of hand made crystal infused paintings by Heather Hartford. Each one is unique and carries the healing properties of the genuine crystals that the paint is infused with. Created with love and light to bring positive energy and the beauty of each magical crystal to your home. Accepting custom orders the the paint(s) of your choice in four different size options. Shipped via UPS in a protective envelope. Frame not included.

Toes in the sand
Birds in flight
Starry sky
Rhodonite with Black Tourmaline
Amethyst cluster
Crystal forest
Mayan blue, Rhodonite, Kyanite, Tiger’s eye, Amethyst and Jadeite
Bird on a Branch
Amethyst, Kyanite, Rhodonite, Hematite, Piemontite, Tiger’s eye and Black Tourmaline
Kyanite egg
Amethyst Geode
Heaven and Earth
Using a variety of crystal paint
In your face cow

Crystal painting

Choose from a photo above Your choice of paints and size adjust price in 5.00 quantities until listed price is reached. Free shipping


Size 1 crystal 2 crystal 3 or more crystal paint

4×6 10$ 15$ 25$

5×7 15$ 20$ 30$

8×10 20$ 25$ 35$

9×12 25$ 30$ 40$

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