The Dark Passenger

The dark passenger.

I once believed I was alone on this train. I also believed that Id know my destination. But as the train car moves forward darkness takes over light. But this darkness is all to familiar. The darkness is me. I am the darkness and the light.  The balance always in flux. Darkness and light react violently, producing these electric sensations that haunt me. My dark passenger. Is he here to bring balance? Or only chaos? 

The darkness within the light. 

What is the speed of darkness? Can it surpass light? Darkness is necessary, as is light. One cannot exist without the other, can it?  I can feel the darkness within me growing. As darkness consumes me, the light grows ever fainter. Entropy by its very definition. Someone close to me described me as a “happy and upbeat” person. This caught me off guard. Is my happiness just bathed in darkness or is my happiness only a superficial facade?   These medications that coddle my psyche are only a cheaply built wall meant to deter the immigrants of darkness that invade my soul.  The battle rages perpetually inside my mind. Trapped in a prison of my own design. 

Coming up: TBD

author: anonymous guest blogger


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