Day: April 7, 2019

Wanderer in The Shadowed Woods

Wanderer in the shadowed woods 

Everyday i find myself deep in the forest, where the trees swallow the sun. What little light is left to reach my eyes deceives me. A sea of shadows surround me as i walk blindly towards a destination that is uncertain. Every shadow and every sound causes a cascade of terror that i cannot shake. I walk blindly towards something, or maybe nothing? Am i walking to salvation? Or is there only despair?  My body is polarized, fueled by unwanted emotion.  As i walk deeper into the forest the light continues to disappear. As i lose sight of the shadows I begin to lose sight of myself. Here in the darkness I don’t know who I am. Am i stumbling through my own psyche to find myself? Or to escape who i used to be?  Ive been in this forest for so long Ive lost all sense of direction and of purpose. What have I done to deserve this? Ive forgotten when or how i entered this forest, every direction seems to lead only to more darkness. Where is the light? 

Coming up: The Dark Passenger

author: anonymous guest blogger

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