Disassociation: My greatest achievement, My achilles heel. 

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and if ever there was a straight line between sanity and disillusion I have found the gateway. Disassociation has become as important to my survival as food, shelter and water. Like a stars internal fusion, disassociation fuels my soul, without it the gravity of my despair would cause a cascade of collapse ending with me being compressed into the very black hole of misery that i so desperately want to avoid. Devan Clark is the charade that I play so well. This charade is so well coordinated that even i sometimes forget what is fact and fiction. Always manipulating and plotting to get that next thing that will surely make me complete. Perpetually disappointed when that that next thing only expands the void between what is real and imaginary. My shell of confidence and happiness is a thin veil over the fissures of my soul. 

Coming up: Soul?

author: anonymous guest blogger


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