Enter The Great White Shark

Enter the Great White Shark. 

I do not believe in “spirit animals” but if ever there was an animal to describe my current state this beautiful and majestic creature will work for my analogy. 

      Most people see the great white shark as a ferocious predator and most people pick the White shark as their spirit animal because it conveys a sense of power and demands a level of respect that many idolize. My choice however is far less domineering. I find myself attracted to the great white shark because of its solidarity. Whether patrolling the open ocean, or casually swimming around coastal reefs, the White Shark , even when surrounded by an abundance of life, is completely alone. Unable to form a bond with any other being, slowly traversing the oceans with no purpose beyond the instinct to persist. Here in lies the problem, persistence isn’t enough without purpose. Without purpose there is no meaning. Without meaning there is no motivation. Without motivation there is only entropy. And if entropy proves to be the prevailing force of my reality than how much can one control? 

Coming up: The Iron Giant

author: anonymous guest blogger

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